Wilma was our cute little missy. As it grew older it was also spoiled rotten. Wilma was a bitch who was very sensitive and withdrawn as a youngster. It was hard to motivate Wilma to do anything, but even it progressed slowly. It gained confidence by learning little things and by learning to trust both us and our dogs. It never was very social with strangers, though it had some friends outside our family. At home, it was closest to Ossi. Ossi adored our strict missy, and that suited Wilma well. Ossi would also guard Wilma for all evil or otherwise frightening during our walks, so Ossi had a huge impact on Wilma. Ossi was also the only dog that Wilma would lick and groom.

The years with Wilma were most active in the sense that we made yearly hiking trips to Lapland as well as smaller explorations of wilderness closer to our home. Wilma enjoyed much these outings when we could get away from the city. As a walker it was tireless and easy as the wildlife would not attract it.

Wilma had often different kind of infections due to allergies. We tried to find a suitable diet for it, but soon there was less and less variety in the stuff we could feed it. It was rather heavily medicated and operated throughout its life. Maybe this was a reason that it started to show signs of dementia while it was only seven years old. On the other hand it could act like a happy little puppy and on the other hand its need for closeness of other family members was steadily increasing. Especially the last year of its life Wilma was very peaceful and at ease with its surroundings. It would also express never-ending patience with the wolfhound puppies, Nera and Nero.

Its walks gradually got shorter but it would still eagerly participate in family activities. At the yard it played less and stayed as a supervisor on a sunny spot. We knew that Wilma's spinal column had degenerated, but still, its paralysis came too soon and too unexpected.

Trivia: Wilma was quite big bitch (63 cm/35 kg). Nonetheless, it had a nice expression and quite good front. It was neutered because of pyometra, which caused two significant changes: It started to grow a monster-coat but it also became steadier and less sensitive with time.

Wilma's details and descriptions
Name Prico's Rosa
Born 17.6.1996
Died 7.7.2004
Dame Prico's Elegia (Hips A/A; JK2)
Sire V (LGZS) Lauser vom Monsato (HD B; SCHH3 FH KKL1 LBZ. Kkl 1)
Hips A/A
Pedigree Finnish dogs in database: KoiraNet
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Wilma's last winter

Wilma 8 years old

Wilma 8 years old

Wilma 8 years old, after swimming

Typical Wilma, Seitseminen

Wilma 7 years old, Katariina

Wilma with Haxan and Manta, Sallatunturi

Wilma 2 years old, Katariina

Wilma's 2nd winter

Wilma somewhere in Utsjoki area

Wilma in UKK National Park

Wilma in the valley of Katariina

Wilma with Ossi, Seitseminen National Park

Older Wilma with its beloved Ossi, Katariina

Wet Wilma, Pyhatunturi

Wilma 2 months old, Reposaari


Little Wilma with Haxan