Mörö was a dog which you get only once in a lifetime. It was keen, obedient and lovable. Mörö was always ready for play or work. It can be described as "Large in size and large at heart". Its presence and participation in our lives was such a whole-hearted experience that it is still warmly missed. Actually, I would have preferred Mörö to live forever or at least for 15 years.

Unfortunately Mörö had a blood related disease, hemophilia. It was tested and treated, but actually there was not much to do. There are different degrees in the severity of this disease, but most dogs die before their second year. In its short time, Mörö lived its life to the fullest.

Trivia: Mörö was 73 cm at shoulder and weighted 48 kg when it was still relatively well.

Mörö's details and descriptions
Name Darinpos Cello
Born 14.3.1994
Died 14.8.1996
Dame Feurblick Einzig (hips C/C)
Sire V59 Leroy vom Haus Lacherom (hips A; Schh3)
Pedigree Finnish dogs in database: KoiraNet
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Moro at Evo, 2 years old

Moro at spring, Katariina

Moro in Mantta

Moro 1995

Moro May 1994

Moro with Haxan

Moro front, with Rex behind